Location: Grand Rapids, Mich.
Founded: 2008
Where to get it: Madcap shop in Grand Rapids, Mich.; select coffee shops around the country including Local Coffee in San Antonio, Texas, and Box Kite Coffee in New York; online at madcapcoffee.com
Roaster recommends: Ethiopia Yukro. It's a bright, floral coffee that has spice and citrus notes and which Madcap is featuring for the first time. It's best brewed as a pour over method such as Chemex.

Madcap's head of roasting operations, Ryan Knapp, describes a recent sourcing trip to Peru that involved visiting a farm that could only be reached by a four-hour trek on foot, explaining that some of the best coffees are the ones that are "farthest removed from everything." That may be how some people see the celebrated beans coming out of this little shop in Michigan, but the accolades and success Madcap has received ensure that it won't be obscure for long. The company is in the process of expanding to Washington, D.C., where it now has a satellite office and training center, and its coffees are coveted among the country's forward-thinking cafes.

But even as it grows, Madcap is finding ways to improve, such as by recently partnering with taking on a Zero Waste initiative to compost or recycle everything it would have previously thrown out.