Location: New York, N.Y.
Founded: 2003; began roasting in 2012
Where to get it: Joe locations in New York and Philadelphia; online at joenewyork.com
Roaster recommends: El Salvador Finca Sierra Nevada. The current lot was processed in the style of farmers from Burundi. A second lot of the same coffee that uses a Kenyan process will be available later in the year, giving people a chance to see how washing processes affect taste. It's best brewed as a Chemex, Hario V60, or Kalita Wave pour over.

Joe's coffee shops have been destinations for New York's coffee lovers for a decade, so the company's figured out a few things about what its customers are looking for. As of July, the company now roasts all of its own coffee, giving it even more control over what goes into that perfect cup.

"In a way we are working backwards by adding the roasting component 10 years after opening our first store," says Amanda Byron, Joe's director of coffee and roasting. "For us, though, it's been such a great way to ease into a new business venture and we are able to lean on the infrastructure of the stores as we learn about how to run a roasting operation."

Fortunately, Joe's roasting staff have proven to be quick learners, and they're already putting out some of the city's best, most interesting coffees, landing them a 2013 Good Food award for coffee. Expect big things to come from this growing operation.