Location: Portland, Ore.
Founded: 2008
Where to get it: Heart Roasters cafe in Portland, Ore.; select coffee shops and restaurants in Portland and nationwide including Caffe Streets in Chicago, Cognoscenti Coffee in Los Angeles, and Ports in New York (full map here); online at heartroasters.com
Roaster recommends: Kenya Gichatha-ini. The fruity coffee has great acidity and flavors of blackberry, strawberry jam, red grapes, and caramel. It's best brewed with a Hario v60 pour over.

This small roastery founded by former professional snowboarder Wille Yli-Luoma has already attracted quite a bit of attention even within Portland's highly saturated coffee scene due its total commitment to bringing out the accurate flavor of each bean it sources. "The goal is to not add any flavors of ash or roast to the coffees," Yli-Luoma says.

With frequent visits each to the farmers and co-ops in Central and South America and Africa, Heart is making sure that those beans are some of the best anywhere. The only thing simpler than its no-nonsense approach to highlighting each coffee's flavor profile is the company's sleek, minimal packaging, which makes sitting down for a home-brewed cup the calming experience it should be.