Location: Milwaukee, Wis.
Founded: 1993
Where to get it: Colectivo cafes around Milwaukee; coffee shops primarily in Wisconsin and Illinois; online at colectivocoffee.com
Roaster recommends: Kenya Ichamara. It's a coffee with juicy acidity and flavors of tropical fruit and pie crust that's best brewed with a Hario V60 pour over or Aeropress (or both ways and mixed together).

Colectivo's Milwaukee origins are clear in its approach, from the use of beer terminology to describe its flavorful "Session Coffees," to the focus on roasting coffees to appeal to a broad clientele, to its longstanding reputation as a reliable, low-key roaster. Formerly known as Alterra, the company recently sold its name to a global distributor but held onto the same practices and values by rebranding as Colectivo.

When the company launched, dark roasted coffees were the norm; today, specialty coffee roasters are trending light, to the point of emphasizing unique flavors over balanced ones. The roasters at Colectivo have taken a more moderate approach throughout both phases, focusing on creating a well-rounded cup that appeals to both coffee nerds and those looking for a more accessible experience.

"We're trying to strike that balance between preserving all the characteristics that come from the coffee's origin and also developing the coffee so that it's sweet and balanced and enjoyable," says director of coffee George Bregar. Trust the crew from a beer town to know what people really want to drink.