comics / 1988-2013

Hell plays an integral role in Hellblazer, the DC/Vertigo comics on which the 2005 film Constantine was based. The series concluded this year with its 300th issue.

Its depiction of Hell is both traditional and dynamic; Hell in Hellblazer is the habitat of unspeakable demons, yes, and it's where humans are punished for their sins. But each regretful soul is tormented with tortures malevolently designed to cause the most suffering to that particular individual.

Each person gets their own special room in Hellblazer's Hell—and a further twist of the knife is that individuals find themselves there not because of any god's judgment, but because they themselves believe it's where they belong.

In Constantine, Hell appears as a gale-swept and desolate metropolis where bodies are tortured and devoured just under the surface.