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After making its debut in arcades worldwide in 1987, Street Fighter is celebrating its 25 year anniversary.

This groundbreaking two person fighter paved the way for virtually every current fighting game on the market and it's success is drove it to 1.5 billion dollars in sales in 1993 just six years after its inception.This video,goes through the history and teaches you everything you ever wanted or needed to know about the Street Fighter franchise and its success. Everyone at some point can recall countless Hadokens and Sonic Booms, and no matter if you were a fan of Ryu, Ken, M. Bison or even Vega there is something in this video for every Street Fighter fan.

Although there are no current plans for Capcom to make a new Street Fighter game, there have been talks. Budget and staff size are the current issues behind why there is no new game in development. Just this past July there were announcements of DLC maps and patches for Street Fighter IV and Ultra Street Fighter IV which will be released later in the year and in 2014. Check out the video and keep an eye out for downloadable content coming to this all time classic game.

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