No one expected a new Deus Ex title to abruptly debut on iOS, but The Fall has done well enough in the mobile space that Square-Enix is considering console and PC ports of the game in addition to the already-in-development Android version of the mobile title.

While nothing has been confirmed yet, The Fall producer James Wright said in a recent interview with Pocket Gamer Square is considering “many options” given the amount of apparent interest there is in playing the game on other consoles,

Mobile to home conversions can be tricky, mostly because the technical specs of apps aren’t usually up to snuff to the far more powerful PC and console specs available. Wright didn’t say whether or not the game would be given an HD coat of paint and some higher specs more suited for other platforms, though with cost-efficiency measures, I wouldn’t hold my breath on too much of that.

Then again, Human Revolution bought Deus Ex a big enough revival to get a Director’s Cut re-release coming later this year – that’s despite the age of the 2011 game – as well as plans for a theatrical film version. Would you play The Fall on consoles if given the choice? Let us know in the comments.

Via Pocket Gamer