Sprint is making some moves, and they've got a new plan to get you to move from your phone carrier: by placing a free iPhone 5C in your hands. 

We're only about four days away from the iPhone 5S and 5C's launch on Sept. 20th, and Sprint is shelling out a new deal that will see $100 cut off from any iPhone of your choosing, if you're coming over from a rival carrier, that is. If you meet that criteria, that means you'll be able to get an iPhone 5S for just $99 with a two-year contract, and a 16GB iPhone 5C, in any color, for nothing at all. If you're cutting it close on cash, this might be a good deal to look into, especially if you haven't updated your phone in a minute. T-Mobile is offering a 5C for no money as well, and a $99 5S, but you'll have to sign up for their JUMP program, which means you'll be able to upgrade your phone twice a year if you throw them a little extra cash every month. Sprint's plan doesn't require a similar contract, as of now. So why not get a little more color in your life?

[via The Verge]