Spotify is set to roll out an all-new feature to their app today, attempting to lull more users into the premimum $9.99 a month service. Called Spotify Connect, the feature is currently available on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices, and allows users to connect Spotify to both their mobile and home sound systems, allowing seamless integration between the two. 

Additionally, Spotify Connect will soon be integrated into the desktop and Android versions of Spotify, making it available across all platforms. If you're listening to a song on a mobile device, you can easily switch directly to your home sound system with the simple click of a button, all without missing a beat (literally).

Still, Spotify Connect is currently only compatible with ten different home sound system manufacturers: Philips, Pioneer, Revo, and Yamaha, among others. The company, however, plans to make additional deals with a variety of home sound system manufacturers by the end of the year, so expect improved integration of the highest order. 

At the heart of this new feature, Spotify Connect takes convenience to a whole new level, and it seems to be an attempt for Spotify to step into the realm of home entertainment, centralizing and consolidating their audio experience with hopefully positive results. 

[via TechCrunch]