The Vita TV, a strange set-top box that functions both as an Apple TV-esque streaming device and as a Vita that’s neither nor portable nor self contained (you need a controller to use it), is something highly unexpected from Sony.

Right now the device, which lets you play Vita, PSP and PS One games right on your television without the actual need of a portable console, effectively cannibalizing the Vita market for every game that doesn’t use touch – is an Asian exclusive. As Sony has learned, there’s a lot more interest in a Western release of the box than originally anticipated.

Speaking with Eurogamer, Sony Japan’s Masayasu Ito said the company is certainly considering a release in North American and European markets, but it depends on if, and what, other services the Vita TV might theoretically need in order to be a successful competitor. Unlike in the States, there isn’t really any set-top box opposition for a device like the Vita TV in Asian markets, hence the launch there first.

In order for the device to be successful worldwide, Sony will need to look at its competition and what services they offer before committing to a full-scale release elsewhere. (Pure speculation, but in addition to Netflix-Hulu-HBO Go and the like, the ability to stream PS2 games through Sony’s Gaikai service wouldn’t hurt in the slightest.)

Given Sony’s somewhat radicalized corporatization of late, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Vita TV did make it stateside, so keep your fingers crossed.

Via Eurogamer