In case you missed it, the central character in AMC's Breaking Bad is a high school chemistry teacher. And yet the show is packed with brutal moments of violence and emotional devastation. Go figure.

But every now and then, when Walter White acccomplishes something truly ridiculous with his scientist's brain, you're made to wonder: "Could a person actually do that?" Well, scientists and the Mythbusters are here to explain those chin-rubbing moments and help prevent the boneheads that high-five their way past the implicit "Don't try this at home" warnings present in these insane (awesome) stunts.

Frankly, good luck on getting your hands on half of the supplies needed to execute some of these action set pieces, unless you work in a building that requires a thumb print for access. Now that that's out of the way, we can giddily revisit, with a sober touch of reality, The Most Badass Uses of Science in Breaking Bad

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