Grand Theft Auto V hits retail shelves tomorrow - read our review here - but its publisher, Rockstar Games, is warning Xbox 360 users against installing the "Play Disc" because it may cause rendering problems. Two discs are included with the game: an "Install Disc" and a "Play Disc." The second disc, when installed, may cause problems with the game's ability to stream texture data, which means choppy gameplay with pop-ins. That is when mountains and building magically appear in front of you without warning.

So when you get your hands on the new GTA tomorrow don't get overzealous and install more than the 7.7 GB "Install Disc" because it won't make your gameplay better, in fact, it will slow it down a bit.

No word yet if this could be an issue for PlayStation 3 or digital downloads which are not available for Xbox 360. Grab Grand Theft Auto V when it drops tomorrow and read our review here.

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[Via GamePolitics]