Episode(s): "The Big Question" and "The Big Answer" (Season 3, Episode 11)
Air date: 1/28/1996

Popping the question is only one part of the problem. Getting through the actual wedding ceremony is the other. Dr. Hutchinson, of the chiny claw, and the nebbish Filburt decide to get married, but their plans for the wedding create a chaotic situation for everyone involved.

It's a combination of problems: Dr. Hutchinson's mom not wanting her to marry Filburt; Heffer almost getting Filburt and Rocko killed during some pre-marriage shenanigans; and both Filbert's and Dr. Hutchinson's families disliking each other.

Despite these difficulties, the two still get married and—whoa—we discover that Dr. Hutchinson's dad is a turtle. (We guess cats secretly have a thing for turtles.)

If ever you decide to get married be aware that the day will probably not go as smoothly as you would want it to, but everything will hopefully turn out fine by the end.