Episode(s): "Put To Pasture" (Season 8, Episode 5)
Air date: 10/10/1996

Friendship is one of the most important components of life. Friends are there with open arms and a beer when something bad happens, and they're there with a wide smile and a beer when something good happens. In this episode, Heffer becomes seriously ill and is sent to the hospital. Although the entire gang—Mr. and Mrs. Bighead, Filbert and Rocko—reminisce on their first encounters with Heffer, it's Rocko's and Filbert's encounter with him that resonates the most.

The memory goes as follows: Heffer almost costs the two of them a bad grade on a science project back in high school, but his gluttonous ways end up working out for all three of them.

Fortunately, Heffer lives to see another day, but underneath the episode's humor was one very important message: Cherish your friends, even if they almost get you an F on a science project.