Episode(s): "Jet Scream" (Season 1, Episode 3)
Air date: 9/26/1993

A fact of maturity: As you age, you come to understand that airports don't care about your bags. Sometimes you'll open your bag and discover that items are missing or broken, and sometimes you may even be that one unlucky person whose bags get sent to the wrong location. Don't worry—Rocko has been there.

In this episode Rocko brings his cow-friend Heffer along on a trip to Las Vegas for a comic book convention. Although most of the episode is centered around Rocko and Heffer's travels on the plane, the question of where the two's bags are plagues them constantly. Unknown to Rocko and Heffer, by the end of their travels their bags are on some planet in outer space, being checked out by aliens. That's a lesson for today, kids.