In hindisght, there is a lot to learn from Rocko's Modern Life. The show, which reveled in humor that both children and adults could enjoy, like the Pixar movies that get touted so heavily today, was ahead of its time.

Beneath the show's slapstick comedy was social commentary that addressed various aspects of life: consumerism, capitalism, relationships, the chores of everyday life and independence, among other things. As Slate's Brahna Siegelberg put it, "Rocko was really a show about how to navigate the adult world; one that could be appreciated by kids for its slapstick humor and absurdity, but had even more to say to young adults—like me."

In celebration of Rocko's Modern Life turning 20 this month, we look back on 15 life lessons that Rocko creator Joe Murray and his team of writers, animators, and voice actors, gave us during childhood, and why they matter even more now.

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