A Cleveland man who threatened cops while drunk out of his mind was subject to a stagen, yet fitting punishmentholding a sign that christened him an "idiot." That's what 58-year-old Richard Dameron gets for calling 911 to send verbal shots to police officers like it's the thing to do. Missing a court date for the matter didn't help his case much, either.

Dameron's sign of shame reads: I apologize to officer Simone & all police officers for being an idiot calling 911 threatening to kill you. I'm sorry and it will not happen again." Judge Pinkey Carr ordered him to wear it everyday this week for three hours a day. Dameron had little choice but to agree with the judge's decision, admitting to being "very deeply" into alcohol at the time and feeling bad about making the call.

Judge Carr doesn't play around. If you were wondering, yes, she is the same judge who forced a woman to "wear" an idiot sign for driving on the sidewalk last fall. Public humiliation goes a long way.

[via Gawker]