For many, a party house in the Hamptons is a favorite during the summer months; it might even be a staple for some. However, local officials want to subject them to tighter regulation. East Hampton officials are strongly considering a bill that would force homeowners to share details about their homes like the number of bedrooms, square footage and, most important, who they're renting their homes out to during the summer. 

The measure is the result of increased complaints about overcrowded beaches and reckless share house parties. If homeowners don't register, they'd be subject to at least a $500 fine and agents could be fined as well if its discovered that they consciously rented to a group larger than the pre-determined limit of people who can stay in the rented homes (four, for the record). 

As expected, people are not happy. "Trying to legislate people's abilities to rent their own personal property would be met with some serious legal and personal objections. They would feel it is an intrusion of their rights," Montauk real estate agent John Keeshan told the Wall Street Journal

The bill would need the approval of a town board and a vote is expected to take place during the fall. 

[via Wall Street Journal]