Prefer your FPS action not cater to the animal-loving crowd? Battlefield 4 should satiate your need to shoot anonymous terrorist types in the face. Of course, the big draw DICE’s series has always had over Call of Duty is the scope – the open maps, large team numbers and the commandeering of various vehicles.

To that end, EA’s open beta for the next Battlefield is hitting Oct. 1 for current gen consoles and PC, almost a month away from the full game’s Oct. 29 release date.

The beta will let players try out the Siege of Shanghai map shown off at recent preview events, and, one imagines, will be able to parachute out of a moving jet. (PC players get the added bonus of their platform looking more or less on par with the PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game.) Best of all, its status as an open beta means you don’t have to do anything crazy to sign up.

No word on if the game’s lack of dogs is indeed a good thing or not. Who doesn’t love dogs?

Via EA