News blip: PS Plus subscribers are set to receive a nice bundle of free games in October, as the ultra-violence sim Hotline Miami and Fumito Ueda’s beautiful interactive tragedy Shadow of the Colossus hit the PlayStation Network service for however long Sony deigns to keep them there.

Hotline Miami is a cross-platform download while Colossus is a PS3-exclusive. The highly underrated Sine Mora is also up for gratis grabs next month on the Vita.

While it you can’t play PS Plus games you’ve downloaded if your subscription expires, Sony’s ever-rotating free library of games is a fantastic deal as long as you’re a member. (Also, as long as you download whatever when it’s free, you can always re-download it again later by looking through your download history, though the membership rules still apply.)

Anyway, free games are free games, and these three are three you don’t want to miss.

Via PlayStation Blog