It’s not always easy to be an individual. With so much pressure to conform to the perceived status quo, what makes us each of us an original can get marginalized in favor of fitting in.

But Cigna wants to fight back against that. Cigna believes that those aspects of ourselves that make us different are the most important elements of all. Whether they’re seen as personality traits, quirks, or even flaws, they are as unique as the very fabric of our own DNA, and just as vital.

To embrace this celebration of self, Cigna invites you to copyright something truly important: You. Through an app available on Facebook, you can take an image of yourself and emblazon it with that prominent and powerful ©, letting others know that you are wholly original, and that you cannot, under any circumstances, be duplicated. You can then share the image with friends, or use it as your profile pic, and also add it to Cigna’s growing gallery of one-of-a-kind individuals.

You may be wondering why championing your own individuality is so important to Cigna. Well, the answer is simple. Cigna is dedicated to keeping people healthy. And what’s healthier than being who you really are/yourself?

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