Here's a crazy story to end your Thursday afternoon with: According to reports coming from Queensland, Australia, inmates at the Lotus Glen Correctional Centre are learning how to rig frayed wires from their television sets to light cigarettes—all from a season five episode of Breaking Bad

The episode in question, of course, is the one where Walt uses frayed wires from a coffee maker to quite literally burn through restraints binding his wrists together. It works, but not without burning his wrist in a completely cringeworthy fashion in the process. After seeing the episode, apparently inmates began taking apart the TVs they're allowed to have in their cells, and using the same method to light their cigarettes, because lighters—and smoking in general—are prohibited in the facility.

From the Courier Mail:

The Queensland Corrective Services has confirmed it will make sweeping overhauls to the current practice of charging prisoners just $2 a week to have a TV in their cell after 425 had to be replaced and another 131 had to undergo repairs within 12 months.

The figure equates to more than one per day being ruined.

QCS Commissioner Marlene Morison admitted most of the damage had been intentional, and came despite prisoners being threatened with TV bans of up to six months if they caused the damage.

“Most of the damage is caused by prisoners using the electrics to light cigarettes,” she said.

According to the paper, the prison is considering introducing a trial system to make prisoners have to pay a $30 bond to have a television in their room, but they'd still have access to TVs in the common areas until lock-up at 6 PM.

First off...OK, I have to hand it to them, that's pretty smart. Secondly, though, it's sort of insane that prisoners have been able to get away with this to the point that 425 had to be replaced over the course of A YEAR—like, it took that long for someone to figure it out? C'mon, guys.

[via Uproxx]