Authorities believe a bad batch of MDMA (or "Molly," as it's come to be known) is responsible for a series of overdoses that have occurred in the Northeast recently. These include a teenage girl who died at Boston's House of Blues, the two deaths at Electric Zoo this past weekend and several additional non-fatal overdoses. 

According to the Boston Globe, 19-year-old Brittany Flanagan was discovered “convulsing on her feet." She was taken to a stairwell where she was able to lay down, but the convulsions continued. She would later pass away, and tainted Molly is suspected to have caused her death. In addition, two other people were treated for overdoses at the House of Blues that night.

Olivia Rotondo, 20, and Jeffrey Russ, 23, died at Electric Zoo at Randall's Island Park over the weekend. Though toxicology reports haven't returned, Molly overdoses are believed to have caused their deaths. The drug proposes many of the same concerns that Ecstasy does, mostly because there's so much doubt surrounding what it's cut with. 

Speaking with the Globe, a DEA spokesman said: "Young people tend to think this stuff isn’t dangerous, and it is dangerous."  "This stuff gets manufactured in someone’s bathtub. You just don’t know what’s in it," he added.

[via Gothamist and the Boston Globe]

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