Sometimes, bigger really is better. At least, Apple might seem to think so, since there are reports that the company is getting ready to add another inch or two to their usually slim and trim iPhone. 

Component suppliers are saying that Apple has recently begun testing these huskier iPhones with screen sizes as large as 6 inches. A 6-inch iPhone would make it one of the bigger phones on the market, and put it head-to-head with other phablets such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. (A phablet is a phone that ranges between 4.8 to 6 inches.) Apple is allegedly getting ready to launch two new models of the iPhone on Sept. 10th, which may include a low-budget iPhone. So, it seems that Apple is gearing up to expand the iPhone into different markets where Samsung and other companies have been able to get out to a big lead. 

With this news, Steve Jobs is probably turning over in his grave, since expanding the iPhone to a jumbo size like that is something the Apple founder said he'd never do. 

[via USA Today]