If you’re still confused over just what the hell Capcom’s upcoming PS4-exclusive RPG Deep Down is, veteran designer Yoshinori Ono has just released a lot of details about the game. Deep Down, which sounds like a cross between Dragon’s Dogma and Assassin’s Creed (in that its medieval setting is actually the player reading memories of the past from a sci-fi future setting) is apparently a game that’s based around emotion, according to Ono.

Rather than this being a David Cage-like exploration of, say, a marriage falling apart (not that he’s made a game about that), Ono said Deep Down’s emotional core will involve players reading objects and sensing residual feelings like “feel the grudges of a vicious mind,” according to a translation from Dualshockers The dungeons, which are somewhat procedurally generated through various parameters, will manifest themselves accordingly to the emotion.
Other interesting bits: the rendering in the game is damn near photorealistic and will show mold, rust and dirt accumulating on weapons and equipment, the game will run at 60 FPS, and, this being an online game (but not an MMO?), lots of updates are planned throughout the game’s lifecycle. Ono says he wants an open beta to happen very soon after PS4’s launch.

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Via Dualshockers