NYPD Officer Rex Maralit and his two brothers have been arrested for allegedly trafficking high-powered guns from the United States to the Phillipines. Maralit, who serviced the Lower Manhattan area, was arrested along with brothers Ariel Maralit and Wilfredo Maralit, who's a Customs Officer at Los Angeles International Airport. 

According to a news release:

“Between January 2009 and March 2013, the defendants engaged in a scheme to smuggle high-powered assault rifles, sniper rifles, pistols and firearm accessories from the United States to the Philippines, where they were sold to overseas customers." 

A federal complaint states that Ariel Maralit would identify potential customers, while his brothers would purchase and hide the weapons. Rex and Wilfredo Maralit also used their law enforcement positions to obtain discounts on firearms. 

The weapons the Maralit brothers stand accused of traffcking include automatic and semi-automatic weapons like the Barrett M82A1 .50 caliber semi-automatic rifle. Anyone looking to purchase a gun that can puncture an aircraft has the worst intentions in mind. All three brothers face up to five years in prison if convicted. 

[via Wall Street Journal]