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At this rate, New York City is on the verge of a murder rate that hasn't been as low since the 1950s. The Huffington Post reports that the city's murder rate has dropped by almost 27 percent this year, with 240 homicides in the city as of Sep. 25. By the same period last year, there were 327 murders. Last year, there were 418 murders in New York City, the lowest since the 1960s.

NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly unsurprisingly credited the drop to stop-and-frisk. "Stop and frisk, believe me, that is one aspect of what we do, we have a whole complex array of tactics and strategies that we use," he said. 

Just so you fully grasp how much the murder reate has decreased, the Huffington Post mentions that there were 2,245 homicides in New York City in 1990.

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