President Obama recently set up a review panel of five guys to figure out a way they could help clean up the NSA's image, and restore the public's trust in the organization. Now you have a chance to help weigh in on the decisions.

The Office of the Director of National Intelligence announced on Tumblr (how hip) that they would be letting average citizens send in their opinions and complaints to the panel, specifically about how they can collect the security intelligence they want need while respecting your privacy. All of the comments sent in will be collected by the DNI, and will be used in the panel to help inform them during their decision making. Don't expect any personal responses back, though. Mental note: whatever you send in, the DNI office stated they will post the comments publicly, if they want. Keep in mind, the men on Obama's panel include three former White House advisors and one former CIA deputy director. 

Want to send in your complaints? Let off a little steam about potentially being spied upon your entire life? Send your comments to before Oct. 4th.