Nintendo announced today that it will be lowering the price of three of its best selling Wii games. Starting today Super Mario Galaxy 2, New Super Mario Bros. Wii and Wii Sports Resort retail for $29.99 each.

Not exactly a huge price drop but as the Wii U is backward compatible if you do not already own these games it's about a low as they ever go. Nintendo is always reluctant to drop prices but lately they've been doing a lot of it. Lowering the price of it's Wii U system by $50 as of September 20 and introducing a new, non-3d but more economical handheld, 2DS.

According to Nintendo's press release, the pricing is part of a continuing effort. This is "one of the many steps Nintendo is taking to provide shoppers with the best value and variety across all its systems through the end of 2013."

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[Via Polygon]