Ever thought you were the best NHL player in the world? Well this year, EA Sports and NHL 14 are giving you the chance to prove it.

Much like the connected online careers, growing in popularity for the Madden franchise, NHL rolls out the red carpet on their own version. Dubbed The Ultimate Team mode, this new addition to the game puts you in the driver seat and makes you the owner, president, coach, and player all rolled in one. Registration is simple as you create your team name, draft players, choose a logo, develop jerseys and decide where your franchise will call home when the puck drops.

Once your team is formed, you can start playing people all around the world. Test your skills against the best to move up divisions and ranking depending on how you fare in games. As the success of your team grows, your rewarded with in-game currency that can be spent to upgrade players with contract extensions, training items to increase skill and healing remedies to get your team back on the ice at full strength. The Auction House feature allows you buy or sell items, players and can be used to aquire any desired items to upgrade your team, for a price of course.

NHL 14 will be released on September 10 for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. Check out more about the Ultimate Team mode and be sure to go out and grab your copy in the upcoming week.

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 [via: EA Sports