Fans of Frogworks’ off-the-beaten-path Sherlock Holmes games have something to celebrate today, as the developer has announced the next entry in the series will be making its way to PS4 as well as current-gen hardware. Unlike past Holmes titles, the appropriately-titled Crimes and Punishments will apparently focus more on Holmes psychology and mind than in past titles, which sounds like an interesting change of pace (one that Frogwares says offers a new perspective on the series).

Whether this means more than just the newly added moral choices and dialogue tree designs remain to be seen, but given that this is a series that once held all the cachet and production values of a C-grade PC bargain bin title, the steady increase in production values Sherlock Holmes has enjoyed over the past few installments has been a welcome advancement – even if Crimes and Punishments only uses the Unreal 3 engine (as compared to the next-gen U4). It hits PS4, PS3, 360 and PC early next year.

Via Eurogamer