MGSV was on display in a major way at the Tokyo Game Show this past week, with series creator Hideo Kojima saying that the game’s cross-generational opening chapter-prologue-mysterious-and-possibly-separate-entity Ground Zeroes will run at 60 FPS on next-gen hardware.

After demonstrating a live gameplay presentation for Sony using hardware equivalent to next-gen, Kojima also said that even though the PS4 and Xbox One versions of Ground Zeroes will be prettier, they may be a little behind since the Fox Engine was apparently “developed with the current generation in mind.”

The current-gen version will run at 30 FPS, the elusive MGS auteur said.

What’s interesting here isn’t just that Kojima is saying his very obviously built-for-next-gen engine was designed for old hardware, but moreover that he’s mentioning all of this specifically in regards to Ground Zeroes.

Is this old Hideo’s way of implying that Ground Zeroes will be a stand-alone (and most likely digital exclusive) companion title MGSV’s meatier main event, The Phantom Pain?

Could Phantom Pain be some sort of next-gen exclusive? Or is it just another ruse? Mysteries about the next Metal Gear still seemingly abound, and although KojiPro ain’t talking, we highly doubt Kojima’s revealed his full hand just yet.

Via Eurogamer