Today, developers of NBA 2K14 gave an inside look into this years' improvements and upgrades gameplay.

This year, the team over at 2K has made significant changes on both sides of the ball. A major concern in previous games was floor spacing and your players ability to move freely around the court. Developers have addressed this issue and increased the AI capabilities while off the ball. While it won't be perfect, there will surely be less computer players standing aimlessly on the block while trying to run a offensive set.

On the defensive side of the ball, major upgrades have been made to make the game more balanced between offense and defense. In year's past, there has always been a offensive dominance in games and getting a defensive stop was nearly impossible. This year, improvements have been made to counter that and make defense a more intrical part of the game. Producer Jerson Sapida, described the change as "tangible", meaning more steals, blocks, deflections, and overall smoothness to quality while defending.

With added pressure from competitor NBA Live, which is making it's first game in 4 years, the developers at 2K may felt some added incentive to make improvements to once again crush the competition.

NBA 2K14 release is steadily approaching so be sure to grab a copy October 1.

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