For four years of your life, you were allowed to do just about anything and call it "experimenting." That time you drunkenly made out with your roommate's cat? Experimenting. When you signed up for, and quickly dropped, that advanced philosophy class after you did shrooms in the woods? Just another experiment. Fortunately for you, and not so much for house pets, this is a key part of the college experience. Unfortunately for you, it gets old. Quick.

There is no doubt that college is the best time of your life. You live with your friends, there is a food everywhere, and being drunk on a Saturday afternoon isn't considered a problem—yet. But just a couple years in (or, for some of us, after) you'll start to realize that what you once considered the best part about undergrad life is actually the worst. For people headed to university, already there, or a few years out, we're counting down the 10 most overrated things about college life. 'Cuz we all know beer pong isn't fun unless you're winning. 

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