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Air date: February 2010

It is well known that Sarah Palin has a mentally handicapped son. What you may not know is that Palin has decided that this fact makes her Fox News's official arbiter of who can and cannot use slurs aimed at the mentally disabled. As is often the case, Palin forced herself into walking yet another political tightrope with one of her notorious gaffes. After calling for Rahm Emanuel's dismissal when he used the phrase "fucking retard," she forgave Rush Limbaugh for using the word, as he was attempting "satire."

As we all know, Rush Limbaugh is a latterday Jonathan Swift, a masterful satirist is worthy of the Mark Twain Award. As only Palin can, she further weakened her argument by leveling harsh criticism at a Family Guy episode that poked fun at Palin's family. While Family Guy's gag was broad and bordered on tasteless, it was an attempt at satire, which should, by Palin's logic, be all good. Why even try to engage in a debate with Palin when she already debates herself so effectively?