By now, we've all seen the infamous Reza Aslan Fox News interview, likely with an accompanying headline that read, “Is This the Most Embarassing Interview that Fox News Has Ever Done?” While the sheer ignorance demonstrated by Fox News commentator Laura Green during the interview was impressive, this segment was just the latest in a long line of embarrassing, shameful moments in the 24-hour news network's inglorious history.

It's impossible to judge which Fox News segment has been the most offensive over the years. Like music and interior decorating, it is a matter of personal taste. Are you particularly passionate about gay rights? Ann Coulter might just be your offender of choice. Does racism make your blood boil? Bill O’Reilly must give you an aneurysm. Do you hate nothing more than seeing feminism set back decades in a matter of seconds? Google “Andrea Tantaros” and bring your stress ball.

The commentators of Fox News are the Harlem Globetrotters of creating offensive propaganda out of half-truths and stereotypes. Marvel at the network's ability to make even the most banal story into a springboard for hateful rhetoric with the 25 Most Offensive Moments in Fox News History

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