Original air date: Banned from the air in 1989
Major offense: Crude sexual content
Status: Later aired on June 18, 2002 and released on DVD in 2003

Married with Children was always a headache for Fox and the censors, but during the show’s third season, the writers finally put out an episode so vulgar it never made air. In “I’ll See You in Court”, when the Bundys go to a cheap motel to have sex, they find a homemade porno starring their neighbors, Marcy and Steve. When they approach them about this, Marcy and Steve tell them they were videotaped without their permission at the motel, leading Al and Peg to wonder if their sexual escapades suffered the same fate.

”I’ll See You in Court” is one of the smuttiest half-hours of television to come from the ‘80s, and it further cemented Married with Children’s place as a series that blew past the boundaries of network television. Now, the episode is occasionally seen in syndication, complete with the climax involving Peg and Al having sex in an empty courtroom, while being secretly recorded yet again. Still, many of the raunchiest lines are still censored, so it's likely we'll never see the uncut version air on TV. 

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