You remember Machinima's Mortal Kombat Legacy live-action series?

Some people were way into it; others, not so much. Personally, it was way better than anything Hollywod managed to squeeze out in the 90s. Sure, it may have been low-budget, but you can tell the people producing it actually care about the source material. 

Lucky for all of us that were fans, we are getting a second season and it's right around the corner. The second season will focus more on the Outworld tournament itself, as opposed to each individual fighter. We caught a glimpse of Ermac, Stryker, and maybe that last guy was supposed to be Smoke? The secons season will drop September 26. I'm actually surprised how okay I am with this series, gotta be honest, the whole MK universe never got the fair shake it deserved on the big screen.

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