No, no, no. No!

A company by the name of "Mollywatr" is attempting to cash in on the MDMA craze by marketing bottled water to EDM fans. Deer Park wasn't good enough? Ken Unaezethe brain behind Mollywatr and its accompanying t-shirtssays it's all just harmless fun because, you know, Molly:

”I thought, is there a water product that is marketing to this scene, and is communicating some important messages about water to this scene?” He says that at clubs, there is a ”stigmatization of water consumption,” noting that it’s much cooler to be seen drinking say, a Bud Light. Well, for a measly $5 you can now look just as cool as your Bud drinking friends, sipping on “hydration that you can feel.”

This should end the Molly craze. It won't, though. Not when you can twerk for Mollywatr. God help us all.

[via FACT and Los Angeles Times]

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