Twenty years is a long time. And if you grew up in New York during the 1990s you're familiar with Mister Cee, HOT 97's beloved DJ who hosted Throwback at Noon. To say Cee's daily program resonated with listeners would only be half the story, though. New York is a city that is constantly moving forward, a metropolis ever in transition. The only certainty in New York is change—new restaurants, new bars, new shops, new people. That's what made Throwback at Noon so important. It was all about preservation, about reliving the special moments of old New York. 

Yesterday Mister Cee's alleged encounter with a transvestite prostitute was made public (in 2011 he was also arrested for soliciting male prostitutes). Amid controversy and against the wishes of the station's program director, Cee resigned from HOT 97.

"When you're dealing with corporate America and you're dealing with a station you love as much as this station, I don't want to put this station through more than what they've been through," he said. "I've been thinking about this day for a long time, I never want to be in a situation where I get pushed out anywhere...if I'm gonna go out let me go out with me saying I'm gonna go out."

It's a sad day for New York radio. The end of an era. And as expected, Twitter paid proper respects. Here's what his loyal fanbase had to say.

UPDATE: Mister Cee appeared on HOT 97 this morning and confirmed that he would be filling his Throwback at Noon slot today. No word yet on if he will return to the airwaves for good.

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