Let's take a walk down memory lane, Breaking Bad fans: remember Gus Fring's restaurant, Los Pollos Hermanos? Well, it's an actual resturant—at least on Yelp. Yes, Los Pollos Hermanos has a Yelp page that you can go to and rate right this second, and enjoy some photographs of the restaurants' completely satisfied (and totally not terrifying) customers:


The resturant isn't without its fair share of criticism, though, and seems to be going through some tough times with its New Mexican customers:



BUT, there are more than a few good reviews to make up for the blue glass that can occasionally find its way into the chicken. Hey, it beats finding a human finger in your sandwich (cough, Arby's, cough.)



Fun fact: the spot that was used as Los Pollos Hermanos in the show is an actual restaurant named Twisters, and you can visit it in Albuquerque. The restaurant still has a Los Pollos Hermanos mural on the wall, and you can sit in Walter White's famous booth. Have fun, and remember to check your car for any GPS trackers once you leave.

[via BuzzFeed]