Killer Instinct triumphantly returns after an eighteen-year hiatus as an Xbox One exclusive launch title.

After years of rumors and legal battles old school gamers finally get a proper new vision of the game by some of the key figures involved in the production of the original. Killer Instinct recently caught a buzz by embracing its target audience.The fighting game community has had a significant role in testing each build of the game while the developer also let its core audience vote on which characters would be included.

In the video, fighting game community staple Maximillion and Mike Wallette of developer Double Helix Games showcase some new lighting effects and character customization options for fan favorites Jago, Sabrewulf, and Glacius. Fans who grew up playing KI and KI2 in arcades and home consoles will notice the colors are direct nods to the classic color schemes of some of the originals.

The new Killer Instinct, headed by triple OG creative director Ken Lobb, will lean heavily on the Xbox One’s digital content distribution model splitting the release of content into downloadable packs and “seasons”. The initial launch incarnation will feature a free-to-play demo with one character, Jago, available immediately with more characters available for purchase through Microsoft’s Live distribution platform.

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