This is either a great troll on Bieber's part or Zack Snyder's Man of Steel 2 is really going to make fanboy purists cry. Last night Justin posted this photo on his Instagram, which shows an alleged copy of the Superman vs. Batman script with his name watermarked on it. The caption: "#Robin?" "What is the meaning of this?" cried thousands of Batman fans across the nation, most of them probably in the back room of their local Time Warp discussing "The Affleck Situation."

Well, this tweet suggests we're due for a great Funny or Die sketch, of which this is just step 1 (or a prop from the shoot). But maybe, just maybe, it's for real. Perhaps Snyder really doesn't give a fuck about your feelings and is planning to pull some Michael Keaton-Heath Ledger shit and pull tour de force perfomances out of Ben Affleck and Justin Bieber as...Batman and Robin—stranger things have happened, right?! Maybe his favorite Bat-film is Joel Schumacher's Batman Forever and the MoS sequel is a homage. We'll just have to wait and see.

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