A Montana woman admitted to pushing her husband of just one week off a cliff to his death. Yesterday, 22-year-old Jordan Linn Graham of  Kalispell was charged with killing 25-year-old Cody Lee Johnson during a Jul. 7 argument in the Loop Trail area of Glacier National Park

According to a police affidavit, Graham explained that she was walking away from Johnson when he grabbed her arm. Furious, she pushed him and he fell "face first" off a cliff. The affidavit also reveals that Graham had informed a friend that she was reconsidering her marriage.

Graham neglected to contact police following Johnson's death, but he was reported missing the following day when he didn't show up for work. She eventually told police that he was last seen leaving the house with friends, but then reported finding his body in the park. She said she knew it would be there because it's a place Johnson "wanted to see before he died." 

She was charged with second-degree murder.

[via Gawker and Missoulian]