The next time your neighbor asks you to turn your music down, you should listen. Otherwise, the most delicate part of your anatomy could end up being bitten, leaving you in pain and your line-crossing neighbor left to explain why things between the two of you got way past words. 

Kent, U.K. native Jason Martin has been found guilty of biting his neighbor's penis during a heated argument over loud music. Martin, 41, reportedly received a text from 39-year-old Richard Henderson asking him to turn it down. Their confrontation turned physical, as Henderson put Martin in a headlock. This is when Martin used the placement of his headand the fact that Henderson was wearing his pajamasto his advantage, using his lone tooth to bite down on his penis. 

Martin told a judge and jury of his peers that he resorted to biting because he was "getting beaten up and [he] was scared." An understandably traumatized Henderson didn't want to experience that kind of horrifying pain "ever again." 

[via Gawker]