Apple is pushing hard to make the iPhone 5C stand for cool instead of cheap, so much so that they're trying to tap into the coolness of one of its past devices: the iPod.

If you caught the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Cinnciatti Bengals game last night during ESPN's Monday Night Football (we don't blame you if you didn't), then you probably caught Apple's first ad for the upcoming 5C. It might have felt like a blast from the past: the hipster music, white background, the bright colors—the same look and feel of past iPod commercials that boosted the iPod's cool factor back in the day. The 5C has been getting bashed ever since its announcement as being a plastic repackaging of the original iPhone 5, but with an added dash of color, essentially something you won't have to worry about kids breaking. Pre-orders for the device started Friday, but Apple hasn't released the number of orders that they received. (Which is something company's usually like to boast about.) Only time will tell if the 5C can pick up its coolness, before it becomes one of Apple's most recent flops.

Recent rumors have Apple's next event set for Oct. 15th, where they may announce the new iPads and Macs. A convenient little distraction from their iPhone fiasco. 

[via CNET]