Being poor sucks (as writers, we can speak from experience), but one great thing about being poor is that it is the perfect excuse for getting out of pretty much anything. Don't want to go out to yet another stupid karaoke night? "Sorry, dude, I don't have the funds." Don't want to go home for Thanksgiving? "Mom and Dad, I would, but I really have to pick up some extra shifts to make ends meet." Poverty is also a great excuse not to start a life with someone.

Some of you who had the foresight to study engineering, real estate, or basically anything but creative writing, might have that sticky problem of actually having money. The best way to take care of that is to go back to school. Students are always hopelessly poor and graduate studies suck up all of your time so that you can't hold down a job. Not only will you not be able to afford an engagement ring, but you might not even be able to afford those obligatory dinners where you discuss the future of your relationship.

Tread lightly in pursuit of that diploma: If you get through school and you're still together, she'll have been with you through the hard times, which means it will be time to commit. If you don't think it's working out, save her the misery of your studious misery, and end it so you can focus on your studies.