Saman Kesh has decided that the future of his live-action Hotline Miami film rests in the collective hands of crowdfunding.

A film based on Dennaton's nearly perfect kinetic, top-down shooter, Hotline Miami seems like a project destined for success. Kesh has turned to Indiegogo to bring the project to life and Kesh hopes to recreate Hotline Miami's "hyper 80s visual style that will transport viewers to the sexy and attractive backdrop of a gritty and violent concept."

Please take our money.

The campaign launched last week, and Kesh and his team are asking for $50,000 to make the film. 50 grand may seem steep for a short film, but considering that Kesh hopes to bring the 'visual and narrative experience of Hotline Miami' to life, it does make a certain amount of sense. Watch the trailer above for the pitch and kick in a few bucks if you're feeling this. Hotline Miami: A Short Film (Indiegogo)

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