“The funniest moment in the Homeland season premiere,” says Rob Sheffield in a recent Rolling Stone review of the Showtime hit’s third season debut, “comes when an hysterical Carrie freaks out over the phone, and Saul says, ‘Calm down.' Now you tell her dude?”

For fans of Homeland (which returns tonight), CIA agent Carrie Mathison’s (Claire Danes) frequent emotional outbursts are as much a part of the politically-charged show's fabric as thwarted terror plots, philandering spouses and bratty teenagers. In fact, Carrie’s legendary freakouts (some of them set to a jazz soundtrack) have taken on a pop culture life of their own; in late 2012, Anne Hathaway memorably channeled her inner-hysteric in a spot-on SNL skit

But hey, it’s not like the girl doesn’t have her reasons for becoming unhinged on a seemingly daily basis. As if hiding a bipolar disorder from her colleagues wasn’t hard enough, she’s also having trouble getting anyone to believe her that POW-turned-American Hero Nicholas Brody (Damian Lewis) is in fact a terrorist. Oh, and then there’s that tiny matter of Carrie being in love with Brody.

As viewers hold out hope that the multiple Emmy and Golden Globe Award-winning show can pick up the pieces of a rather disastrous second season and return to its season one glory, we’re paying tribute to Carrie Mathison’s Most Hysterical Homeland Moments

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