Nobody likes getting parking tickets. Nobody. But reacting like a child—or worse, an animal—does nothing to help the situation. The Star-Ledger reports that a 39-year-old Hoboken, N.J. woman hurled feces at a Hoboken Parking Utility officer, instantly turning an argument over a parking ticket physical. And shitty. 

Police were summoned last Wednesday night following reports that a woman was engaged in a shoving match with a parking officer. The parking officer told authorities that she was getting into her boyfriend's car to leave, but her the other woman would not relent, opening the car door to continue the argument. 

Before the woman could contact her supervisor, the aggressor tossed a substance in her face. That substance was later confirmed to be feces. Because most people would react negatively to a face full of shit, the women immediately began to fight.

The feces-tosser denied her actions at first, but later admitted to scooping it up with a paper cup. She argued that she had been given a ticket beacuse she's a Latina, as if that somehow matters or justifies anything. The HPU officer was taken to Hoboken University Medical Center after complaining about suffering an anxiety attack and possibly being contaminated by the feces.

[via Star-Ledger